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TECHNEXT is the master distributor of OZOBOT for Education in Europe and Africa

OZOBOT is one of the world’s smallest programmable Robots (1inch in height & diameter) with a big brain.
OZOBOT is a powerful learning tool for kids to teach simple coding in an interactive and funny way. The younger ones need only paper and color markers or a tablet to program OZOBOT. Ozobot thrives following black lines (paths) drawn on a white paper sheet.
When Ozobot detects unique sequences on colors inserted in the black line called OZOCODES , it is pre-programmed to perform different actions or change behavior.

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OZOBLOCKLY (1inch in height & diameter) gives you the power to fully control Ozobot Bit’s movement and behavior. Powered by Google’s Blockly Games or Scratch, OzoBlockly offers five modes from Novice with icon-based blocks to Master with support for many low-level functions and advanced programming concepts. OZOCODES are converted into flash codes displayed in the OZOBOT download zone on digital screens.

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Ozobot Evo - Logo

Ozobot Evo

Ozobot EVO is…

game changing, flash mobbing, problem solving, instant messaging, competitive racing, role playing, code learning, content updating, community sharing… Ozobot EVO is your imagination expanded

Ozobot Evo

… your social robot.

Take control or follow evo’s lead on new daily adventures.Part gaming and part education with a heavy dose of social entertainment. Ozobot evo is your robotic sidekick to play, learn and share with friends.

What’s under the hood:

Ozobot Evo - Sous le Capot

Cristal White OZ0-070601-01

Ozobot Evo

Titanium Black OZ0-070601-

Ozobot Evo

Dedicated apps:

Connexion Bluetooth with smartphones and/or touch pad

Ozobot Evo

What you get:

– Ozobot Evo
– Playfield
– Ozo Skin
– 4 markers
– Pouch
– USB cable

Ozobot Evo