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TechNext manufactures and distributes unique E-STEAM solutions
for the education system.

TechNext has built relationships and strong links in the education network and is currently distributing world-class edtech solutions with tailored programs in France, Europe and the United States.

Distributed products


Ozobot is one of the smallest programmable robots in the world, 2.54 cm in diameter and height but with a powerful brain. It’s a great tool to teach the basics of programming in a fun and interactive way.


Millions of combinations, billions of inventions, infinite creativity. littleBits creates electronic construction kits that create complex structures with very little engineering knowledge.


Strawbees is an award winning toy for all ages. It encourages learning through play and stimulates the imagination to infinity! It is a kit that allows to build mechanical objects from straws and cardboard.


KUBO is a simple and intuitive solution that allows teachers to introduce computers and coding to students as young as four-year-olds. It is screen-less and easy to manage. KUBO comes with beautifully illustrated student workflows and cards, as well as video tutorials and guides.

Circuit Scribe

The Circuit Scribe Lite Kit is a small, easily transportable kit that allows you to learn electronics while having fun and create endless things. Its conductive ink pen makes it possible to draw circuits and make them live thanks to specially designed modules and components for Circuit Scribe.

Developed products

TECHNEXT designs, produces and distributes didactic engineering solutions in France and abroad.

We carry out technology transfer from research laboratories for general

and private public and private training organizations.

We support our clients with expertise, training and consulting services on our products and related technologies.

Our speakers, all of whom are engineers or PhDs, are experts and recognized professionals from industry,

education and research.



Building Automation Telemetry for IoT Resource Management


High school


Practice kits or laboratory workstations

Photo: Integrated Wireless Telemetry Systems: Remote Control of Water, Temperature and Energy Consumption




  • Automation of buildings
  • Telemetry for resource management
  • IoT-a.i.


High School and Higher Education


TECHCORE is a very small modular ULP modular system for IoT designed for:

  • OEM integration
  • Low cost, extended range of autonomy systems, using A.I.
  • Industrial IoT markets
  • Telemetry Automation System & Smart Building
  • Discrete urban telemetry systems
  • Personal control systems
  • Counting applications in a complex environment
  • Teach IoT



monitoring & video tracking from body heat


higher education, level 2 to 3


detect, locate and track

Using innovative and patented technology for passive infrared sensors.




Acoustic waves
Visualization of the sound


Higher education, level 2 to 3

Sound recording and visualization using acoustic acoustic waves.


Teach your students to program in color with Ozobot